Photography: A Love Story

Photography and I met about 16 years ago. I was living in Hawaii when a very generous gift came my way – a Minolta Maxxum SLR camera, complete with 2 lenses. I took pictures of everything: beaches, rocks, flowers, tiki torches, and strangers. The world through a lens was fascinating and no subject was too boring – there was beauty, humor and even irony to be found in almost anything!

It was several years before I sought any formal training in photography. Like any art form, I believe this is a lifelong learning process. I will always study new techniques and find different ways to frame what has captured my attention. Today I shoot with a Canon, but my subjects haven’t changed all that much. I still find the best shots in the simplest of details.

A Simpler Focus

Originally a Southern California girl, I now live in Denver, CO. With so much natural beauty to offer, it’s no wonder many photographers call this home. Careers and daily commitments can bring a lot of chaos into our worlds, and this move introduced me to the concept of balance – a life filled not only with purpose and achievement, but also peace and balance. My move to Rocky Mountain country was really about reconnecting with simplicity and inviting focus on what is also important – playing often, sharing with others, and giving something back to the world in return.